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About Southern Cross Adventure Lodges

Our Adventure Lodges

The Adventure Lodges portfolio consists of brand-new tented lodges, lodges with wooden chalets as well as a few pre-existing small hotels, which we have added to the portfolio due to their strategically important location. All our tented lodges have spacious en-suite tents, with comfortable beds and a terrace. Most lodges also have a restaurant or a kitchen area where the guide can prepare meals.

About Southern Cross Adventure Lodges

Our Vision

Our Adventure Lodges offer the possibility to travel to well-known places as well as places off the beaten track in remote areas nestled in the African landscape. The lodges are affordable without compromising on comfort. They provide guests with an unforgettable experience while at the same time helping local communities with training and jobs.  

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Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is founded on strong values of environmental consciousness. Where possible lodges are solar-powered, water is recycled and food is sourced from nearby farms. Most of the furniture is made by local craftsmen. We provide not only jobs but also training in the hospitality industry for local communities.


“At Its Best, Travel Should Challenge Our Preconceptions And Most Cherished Views, Cause Us To Rethink Our Assumptions, Shake Us A Bit, Make Us Broader Minded And More Understanding.”

– Arthur Frommer (Travel Writer)