Elephant Sands Adventure Lodge

The Story

Elephant Sands Adventure Lodge is situated 50 km north of Nata on a 16000 ha private unfenced conservancy, with many animals freely roaming around. Hunting in Botswana was prohibited in 2014, resulting in the pumping of water being stopped. As a consequence, elephants began occupying water holes and chasing other animals away. Water is crucial in this arid part of the country! Elephant Sands owners, Ben and Marie Moller, dug the first waterhole for elephants at their main lodge in the early 1980s. The couple were later joined by son-in-law Mike and daughter Saskia Toth, who are part of a larger project called the ‘Elephants for Water Trust’, which restores and maintains boreholes to provide water for elephants. This enables the elephants to not only survive in dry periods, but to follow their ancient migratory routes, which alleviates the pressure on the environment.

The Facts
  • 12 spacious en-suite tents.
  • Max. guests: 20
  • Solar powered
  • No air conditioner
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant
  • Own game drive vehicles
The Environment

The lodge uses solar power for electricity. Grey water is gathered, filtered and returned back to nature.

Nearby Attractions

The vast seemingly endless salt pans this area is known for can be visited on the way to or from Maun.

Activities & Experiences offered by Southern Cross Adventure Lodge


Imagine the wild African bush. You are sitting at the campfire, a gin & tonic in your hand watching the endless African plains and the waterhole in front of you. Then suddenly elephants, those big grey gentle giants silently appear out of nowhere and approach the waterhole. You forget about your drink and just keep staring breathlessly at the spectacle enfolding in front of you. If you have not previously seen elephants during your tour in Botswana, you will see them here!


Game Drives

The lodge also has its own game drive vehicles to further explore the private concession in search of other wild animals, such as lions, eland, zebra, giraffe and other species.


Bush Walks

If you stay for two or three nights, why not explore the bush on foot during a 3-4 hour bush walk and learn more about the vegetation and small animals you cannot see while driving in a vehicle.


Star Gazing

The lodge is situated in a wide-open space with hardly any trees, the perfect place to admire the African night sky. Your guide will happily share his knowledge about the stars and the constellations with you.

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“A really great spot, nice host, great meals, great guide, would have loved to stay longer.”

“Breath taking atmosphere, amazing service from nice people. Very comfortable tents. A really unique experience.”

“How do you imagine a bush-camp? Probably not like the Elephant Sands Adventure Lodge! Delicious food, super nice and clean tents, overwhelming atmosphere and food, smashing and amazing sky at night, the perfect place for great photo shoots (nobody will believe that you took these pictures)…. If you are looking for paradise come here!”